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I wish I was better!!!!!

Well I just talked to Suzy we are broken up and it hurts I love that girl so much she will never know what she really means to me...(to suzy) listen I love you babe u r my little angel my ice cube your my everything...I know we have been down a road some what like 25 th ave for anyone that knows mel rose park...but we have worked threw before and we will work threw it know...I know right now u need to be alone and that fine with me I know I have hurt u too I just want u to know that I am sorry for things I have done and said to u I wish I could go back and make everything better I wisgh I could give u everything u ever wanted and make your life better I wish I could be the guy u want me too be but all I can do is try for u...I would do anything for u and I mean that...u r the most important thing to me in my life u r the last thing I think about before I go to bed and the first thing i think about when i wake up...I guess all my trying to say is I love you so much and I will always be here because u can't just leave someone like that when u care and love more than anyhting u have ever cared or loved well I will talk to u laterz Suzy and for everyone else when u love someone hold onto them and make sure u treat them right and care and love them the same way u would want to be cared and loved...because u can only be in love so many times but when u know u have the one and u lose it hurts like no other well laterz everyone....:(
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