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Listen babe I am sorry about last night...I know u have every right to be mad at me and every right not to feel certain ways it justs bothers me that you don't know how u feel about me I know it's my fault that u feel the way u do and everything and I don't really know how I am suppose to act it just sucks because I do love you with allmy heart more then you will ever know...I'm sorry I didn't mean to piss u off last night and I know I did but right now I want to be able to say I love you and u say it back it bothers me inside to think that my own gorlfreind doesn't know how she feels about me it just sucks but I guess I deserve all of this...but I'm sorry I just have a lot on my mind and I didn't mean anything yesterday I am not mad at u or anything I don't even blame u for the way u feel because u have every right to feel that way but I just wish I could say i love you to u and u would say it back but I guess I have to wait a while for that that's what I get for hurting u well I'll talk to u laterz babe...I love you if it matters...;(
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