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Woah it's been a while

Man I haven't typed here in a while...well things r a lot better for me I have a new job..I work at in emissions place in Addison it's cool as hell there I made a lot of new friends and shit so it's all good...things with me and Suzy r a lot better yeah we have r moments but I know we both care about each other so we will get threw anything...I think my poblem is I need to chill and relax I have a girl that cares about me she just shows it differently than my other girlfriends did and I guess I finally realize that...just like yesterday she made this icon(blinkie) thing whatever lol and it was pictures of us at Angel's christmas party kissing and shit and it kept blinking to another pic it was aweosme and it made me realize that she shows she cares about me but just different than I do...anyways well I am off of work today i needed the break I have been working my ass off lately...man I never get to sleep in anymore it sucks but whatever at least I am working...well I am gonna go for now don't know whats going on for tonight but I hope I see Suzy laterz...I love you <3
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