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Well I got a call this morning for another job I am so happy I really need another job it's at the airport that's good as hell for me...Well I had fun last night I saw a bucnh of my friends but the only thing that sucked was that I wanted too see Suzy yesterday but I couldn't because her dad or something I dunno really but it's cool I just miss her a lot right now I haven't seen her in like almost 2 weeks now and I probally wont see her this weekend because she be with her friends maybe I think Angel is coming out here so will see what happens with us...but man I have work tomorrow that sucks and friday night too plus I have that interview Friday morning at 9 so hopefully that goes good...well all i want right now to happen is to see my girlfriend soon and for things to get better thats all and this new job would be nice too than I have a better chance to get a car...well I am gonna go for now I love you Suzy and I miss u...talk to u all laterz...
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