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Good Mood!

Well the last two nights where staright i was with Suzy both of themthings r getting better between us I just hope it satys that way I don't want to hurt Suzy anymore I love her too much and I don't wanna lose her over bullshit...I just think me and her need to sit back once and a while look at what we have and say is it really worth it to fight all the time over nothing...but anyways it's all good now and I hope it stays that way I love that girlw ith all my heart and I just want us to both be happy...well tonight I played pool with Suzy and Angel it was fun my girl and my daughter it was fun I miss hanging out with Suzy and Angel together it's fun that way those girls get crazy when they r together it's funny...well I am just happy right now and I hope I stay that way...well I'm gonna go I have work tomorrow and Suzy is calling me at 12:30 or so so laterz...<3
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