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Man well last night was gay I was bored as hell yesterday and I couldn't stop thinkin about Suzy yesterday...she called me at like 3:30 and we talked till bauot 5:00 she said she was gonna go and hang out with Angel yesterday and she did she asked me if I was mad and I told her no I just wanted to see her last night really bad but I didn't tell her that because I don't want her to feel like she can't see her friends so I kept my mouth shut...lately things have been all messed up with us everytime we fight it's over nothing and everytime we fight I feel like we r gonna break up I hate that shit I just want things to be good with us I love this girl so much and care about her so much I don't wanna lose her but I don't know what to do anymore I guess I just have to go step by step will se what happens...I miss her right now I haven't seen her in 3 days and right now I really could use to see her but I don't even think I'll see her today everytime I talk to her I get this feeling like she doesn't wanna see me she doesn't say that I just feel that way but whatever...I dunno how me and Suzy went from being so happy with each other to feeling like we can't talk to each other like we can't be with each other without fighting I just hope that we can work threw this and go back to the way we use to be and I would be so happy...well I am done blabbin for now but lately I have benn feeling so alone and shit i just need someone to talk to thats all well I'll see u all laterz...I heart u<3 sp+dc<3
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